Joseph Fowler set up a fruit bottling business in Burke Road, Melbourne in the early 1900’s and he sold his preserving kits door to door from the back of a cart until he opened a shop in Hawthorn in 1920.  During the Depression ‘Fowler Kits’ which included a sterilizer, bottles, lids, rings and a thermometer, became a household name as house wives were urged to bottle their own fruit and jams by ‘Mrs B Thrifty’ – the cartoon character who graced the firms advertisements.

Manufacturing technics of the time formed jars with their own individual imperfections and character making no two lights the same and creating unique illumination.

Bakelite fittings with 2.5 m cotton sheathed cord and 25watt globe. Available in 4 different sizes/colours. Commission for Melbourne store Husks Christmas windows. Available at Husk or from us. Prices on Application.